I’ll make love to you, over and over!


Taylor during the making of Music Made For Humans (With Robots Trained By Monkeys)

Hanson Live and “un-recognizable”Touring Australia (August 5, 2014)


And I found more pictures of Zac Hanson from Hanson at the hobbit house from “The Lord of The Rings”! 

He is so cute.




It’s taken me a couple days but I’m finally able to be a human again and post pictures of this amazing day. Not only was I this close to them during ‘The Walk’ (which was a barefoot mile through Boston) but we were also in the front/second row. And as Sarah said to Taylor Hanson, “Nine year old me is sobbing.” 

This time last year we saw Hanson in Boston. Bringinnn my old post back :)


Taylor Hanson and family accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | x


Zac appreciation post…

ps: if anybody has  hot ponytail zac pics post them please in need of some :))) SOS

Didn’t realize our ask box wasn’t open! it is now though, hooray! feel free to send us any requests - gifs or otherwise ! :o)

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